Happy Farm 

A REAL farm in Kintnersville, PA -- Everything is out on pasture.

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Welcome to Happy Farm

 Happy Farm sits on 11 beautiful acres in Upper Bucks County. We have some woods and some open pasture and are surrounded by rolling preserved farm land with views east toward New Jersey. We produce fresh brown eggs from hens raised on clean, green pasture. Our hens (and our handful of tired, but happy, roosters) have access to portable buildings for shade and rain protection when they want it and approx. 32 square feet each of fresh pasture to roam.

Happy Farm

 Our wonderful pastured, day-ranged Black Star, Red Star, and assorted Heritage breed hens are currently producing the finest eggs anywhere. They are fed only locally grown grains (no hormones or medication),
freshly ground to our requirements and blended with an all-natural mix of minerals, vitamins, and probiotics produced by the Fertrell Company -- plus all the green grass and clover they can eat.

 Brown & white

 They spend the spring, summer, and fall on pasture sleeping in portable barns we move once a week so they always have clean, green forage area close by.

 Allowing the chickens to roam freely and get exercise is very important in the development 
and  health of the chicken, and produces far superior eggs than those raised without the proper space to develop. 

 Portable electric fences keep the hens in and foxes out (we love our wildlife, but not enough to feed them with our hens).

 They are the happiest chickens around. In the winter months the hens still have the option of playing outside during the day when they feel like it.

 We also have fresh, pastured DUCK eggs! Rich and delicious. Superb in baking. We raise succulent meat chickens on pasture, and sell whole, dressed birds (fresh or frozen) in the spring, summer, and fall for your frying, roasting, and BBQ grilling pleasure.

 Our pastured ducks are also very tasty and quite lean -- available summer-winter. In the fall we have tasty, tender pastured turkeys and grass-fed lamb. We sell started pullets (young hens) and retiring layers for pets and backyard production, and rent Easter Chicks in season (we supply everything you need for a two-week visit with two baby chicks and we take the chicks back to grow up on the farm and join the laying team). Call and stop by the farm, or see us at a Farmers' Market.

 Ducks feeding

Association Memberships:   
•  Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)   
•  American Pastured Poultry Producers (APPPA)

Farming Practices:
naturally grown, grass fed/pastured