We had our first garden together in 2007. It was a good sized plot up on the hill, and we grew tomatoes, peas, beans, lettuce and a few other things. We also had a small herb bed up against the south facing side of the house, with parsley, sage and basil. We were hooked!

Over the next few years we increased the garden, added electric fence to combat the critters that also enjoyed our lovely produce, and continued to add to the number of veggies we grew. There were carrots and cucumbers, potatoes and onions, pumpkins and lots more herbs.

In 2012 we put up a small “pop-up” greenhouse in part of the herb bed, and were so thrilled to be growing lettuce and spinach in February that we decided to take it to the next level. We built a greenhouse up behind the garden, a whopping 14′ X 44′ of awesome indoor growing space! We had produce year round, and even though there many things do not grow during the winter months, lots of plants do just fine.

We continue to expand our gardening with the addition of fruit trees and bushes, strawberries in hanging baskets and plots of asparagus, squash and many other delicious veggies. We have grown in our knowledge also, and have evolved our methods as well, going organic and adding bees and chickens to the farm.

Follow us on our adventures this year as we implement new and exciting things here on Happy Farm!